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Administration Building, 5th Floor Renovation

Administration Building, 5th Floor Renovation

With a desire to invest in and retain the viability of an existing structure, the fifth floor of the 1001 Preston building was the first full-floor renovation since the original construction in 1975. The design centered on the juxtaposition of traditional finishes with an extensive use of glass and natural light to create an open and timeless space.

The reprogrammed floor increases workplace efficiency and offers new functionality to the staff, including huddle rooms, conference spaces, organized storage and library spaces, along with an acoustically dampened training room for large groups.

During construction, the client requested new air handler units for the space. Our team worked closely with the general contractor to stage and coordinate the AHU replacement to minimally impact the renovation and the schedule.


Harris County


Planning & Programming, Architectural Design, Interior Design, MEP Engineering Design, Construction Administration




25,140 SF

Features based on events and occasions.

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