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Facility Assessments & Master Plan

Facility Assessments & Master Plan

The City of Baytown has 44 buildings spread throughout approximately 34 square miles. The objective of the Master Plan was to provide the City of Baytown with the necessary information to effectively improve and maintain the building infrastructure with consideration to facility conditions, code compliance, use of space and growth needs.

As part of this assessment, deferred maintenance items and other deficiencies were identified. Our team compiled the information and provided a presentation to share with City Council. The information allowed Facilities to communicate the needs and provide a path forward for action to be taken.

Additionally, we were asked to explore a deeper driver on eight of the 34 buildings with space planning, operational efficiencies and growth needs for consideration in upcoming budgeting and CIP planning discussions.


City of Baytown


Architectural Design, MEP Engineering Design




34 Buildings, 34 Square Miles

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