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Project Noah – Food Centric Design

Project Noah – Food Centric Design

The overall goal with Project Noah is to identify the esthetics that speak to “Better Food Culture”, a concept created by Pepsico Global, and to convey this feeling visually; “the joy that comes with every sip and bite.” The design services MJDII utilized to complete this project include space planning, furniture and finish selection, branding and custom environmental graphics.

 In addition to design services within the lab space, a “play book” is created to act as a visual road map to the ideas and approaches outlined in the Better Food Culture philosophy. This overhaul of culture and design is geared to enable dynamic environments that inspire and assist in the creation of “the joy of food” vibe. This “play book” allows for future endeavors within R&D to be created with a universality in design that reinforces Food-Centric design.




Architectural Design, Interior Design, Construction Administration



Features based on events and occasions.

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